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I created this website to highlight the 4 essential characteristics customers should look for in a Cloud Computing service. Using a service without these characteristics is not necessarily wrong, but I do not believe you are effectively benefiting Cloud Computing without them.


While Dave Nielsen create the worked persistently for many years to narrow down and describe these specific characteristics concisely with the OSSM acronym, it could not have been possible without input, feedback and discussions from 1000's of CloudCampers over 100's of CloudCamps in dozens of countries.

Founder of CloudCamp, Principal Consultant at Platform D

Dave Nielsen is widely recognized as a Cloud Computing & Web Services industry expert. With over 10 years of experience with Web APIs & Cloud Computing combined, Dave has guided high profile developer programs for companies such as PayPal, Strikeiron, Glam & others. As a seasoned developer, entreprenuer, technical evangelist and director of partner programs, Dave's combination of experiences give him the credibility to help guide product strategy and develop engaging developer outreach programs.

Dave is the co-founder & Executive Director of CloudCamp and author of the book PayPal Hacks. Dave holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Cal Poly State University: San Luis Obispo (aka Cal Poly: SLO).

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CloudCamp Organizer, Consultant at Robust Cloud

Larry runs Robust Cloud LLC, an advisory services company helping various ecosystem players develop a strategy to take advantage of cloud computing. As the Instructor of Cloud Expo's popular Cloud Computing Bootcamp and multiple Workshops he has received strong positive feedback from attendees about the value gained at these events. Carvalho has facilitated all-day sessions at customer locations to set a clear roadmap and gain consensus among attendees on strategy and product direction. He has participated in multiple discussion panels focused on cloud computing trends at information technology events, and he has delivered all-day cloud computing training to customers.

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